June 16-25, 2023

The Light Foundry

The world’s premier facility for creating artworks in light.
Enshrining wavefronts in emulsion since 1994.

The Light Foundry Inc. is one of the few DCG hologram studios in the world. Owned and operated by artist August Muth. We design and create mainly Dichromated Gelatin Holograms for various artists. The main focus is creating artistic holograms for artist August Muth. We also invite other artists to use the space for a fee. Artists who have created work at the Light Foundry include Fred Unterseher, Rebecca Deem, Michael Crawford, Dora Tass, C Alex Clark, Guillermo Heinze, and Natalie Logan. The entire process is completed here at the workshop/studio. We coat out own DCG emulsions, expose the holograms with light from various lasers, seal the holograms with extremely archival epoxy, and finish the holograms in a complete glass grinding and polishing shop.

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