June 16-25, 2023

Pop-up: Emmett Palaima — Hammerhead Audio

January 24, 6 – 9 P: OPENING RECEPTION —
Emmett Palaima, Hammerhead Audio 
February 28, 6 – 9 P: 
February 29, 2 – 4:30 P: Intro to Circuits Workshop
@ 826 Gallery with Emmett Palaima
$70 fee (includes $20 materials fee)

From the artist:

“The purpose of this piece is to express the beauty that I find in audio signal flow, from my perspective as an audio programmer and electrical engineer, rather than from my perspective as a musician. When designing audio hardware or software, I often experience a particular appreciation for the logic and thought process behind signal flow, which exists as wholly separate entity from my appreciation of the musical result.
This ‘logical appreciation’ largely manifests internally, due to the technical nature of my work, and because that the result I deliver to users is often a black box element, which allows them little understanding of the internal processes other than an abstracted interface. My goal is therefore to set up a signal flow that is easily perceptible both visually and audibly, in order to share the logical beauty of signal flow, which I know as an internal or private experience, in the context of a public performance.”

Emmett Palaima (Hammerhead Audio) is an artist, musician, programmer, and electrical engineer. His artwork focuses on the use of technology to create sound pieces which are grounded in physicality rather than musicality, and which celebrate the inherent beauty of the technical processes involved in creating this result. He employs a variety of techniques to this end, including audio illusions, non-traditional methods of sound creation, and unwieldy analog / digital signal flow systems. He also designs a variety of sound objects under the Hammerhead Audio moniker, including guitar pedals, synthesizers, and motorized pocket shellfish.