June 16-25, 2023



Striking a balance: Jacob Tonski
"Artist Jacob Tonski uses balance in his work in much the same way a person would use it to stay upright — through internal forces."

On the Road: Currents 2017
"One of my favorite events of the year, it is an opportunity to spend time in my New Mexico homeland, share work with the community, and meet incredible artists from around the world engaged in the discourse between art and technology."

Currents New Media Festival Santa Fe

Currents new media festival displays evolving relationship between artists, technology
"Not only seeing but experiencing and feeling art with both mind and body is all part of 2017’s Currents Santa Fe International New Media Festival."

That synching feeling: Currents New Media 2017
"It’s time again to get in sync with the Currents New Media festival, which opens on Friday, June 9, and runs through Sunday, June 25."

Currents New Media 2017 / The Satanic voices: Alisa Yang
"Alisa Yang’s mother — a devotee of the evangelical Christian movement — towed her teenage daughter to two or three churches every weekend. "

Currents New Media 2017 / The roots of digital art: Jonathan Morse
"The Artworlds prints show what could be a single object, ostensibly our Earth, as though it has been pulled apart and recombined, sometimes haphazardly and sometimes with a sense of order and precision."

Currents New Media 2017 / Behind the mask: “Burnish”
"People are looking into a tent through little holes. Whether it’s a simple aperture or a fisheye lens or actually a window to a video, they see and hear extraordinary things inside this mini-theater."

Currents New Media 2017 / Disorganized labor: Joerg Staeger
"Joerg Staeger’s piece at Currents New Media is a psychedelic montage of images based on a vision of stretching and tearing fabric, with accompanying sounds and music that include a lovely rendition of “Hush, Little Baby.”"

Currents New Media 2017 / Head space: Installing Currents New Media
"The super-inventive and often kinetically lively artworks presented in the annual Currents New Media festival dazzled more than 7,000 attendees last year and promises to at least match that number during its 2017 run."

Currents New Media 2017 / Long live the mall: Claire Hentschker
""Abandoned” is one of the most alluring words to type into a YouTube search bar. Mansions, asylums, hospitals, and amusement parks are among the places suggested by autocomplete. Dead malls are particularly fertile search grounds, returning 595,000 results."

Currents New Media 2017 / Hologrammatical: “Aura Kinetica”
"The holograms we make here have somewhere between 10 and 300 billion pixels per inch. It's an immense amount of information." — artist August Muth.

Currents New Media 2017 / Smartphone home: Ronnie Karfiol
"If you had to leave your home indefinitely, under threat of violence, and you were unable to take much with you, chances are the first thing you would grab is your smartphone."

Currents New Media 2017 / Group chat: Lynne Sachs
"As she approached her fiftieth birthday, Sachs, whose art tends to sit at the intersection of personal knowledge and world history, sought out other New Yorkers who were born between 1958 and 1964, invited them to her apartment for the weekend, and filmed them telling stories about their memories."

Currents New Media 2017 / I got algorithm: Liu Chang
"Liu Chang has spent much of her art career fashioning an aesthetic of the algorithm."

Currents New Media 2017 / Let’s table this: Anne Farrell
"There’s a delightful component to Farrell’s two- and three-dimensional works and her Currents installations that make experiencing them fun."

CURRENTS Kicks off Summer Festival Season in Santa Fe
"One of our favorite art festivals of the year is just around the corner, a FREE event that showcases artists who create futuristic work at the nexus of art and technology. Everyone in Santa Fe knows CURRENTS New Media Festival, but if you’ve never gone or are visiting us from out of town, you should definitely make the time for it this year. We promise that you’ll be telling your friends about it for weeks to come."

Frank Ragano talks about Currents New Media 2017

Currents: International New Media Festival 2017
"The Ancient Greeks had no word for Art. The closest they came to the contemporary meaning was techne, or how a thing is done."


Tune in, turn on, and vice versa: Currents 2016
New media has a leg up on the phantoms of the digital world — you know, those files you can’t hold in your hands and can’t feel and that exist only as a series of zeros and ones in an invisible cloud that is no cloud and is located nowhere. That might be oversimplifying the digital realm, but new media, which includes digital but is not limited to it, has substance.

THE Magazine covers CURRENTS
"For an exhibition that's known for it's interactivity, this is by far its most experiential entry. It's like going to a show of wet clay sculptures and gleefully leaving your fingerprints everywhere. There's something irresistible about an exhibition that ripples with the slightest wave of your hand."

Adobe Airstream Currents 2016 Review
"Judging by Currents festival, it appears to mean more and more the license of the user to determine the parameters of the experience based in a confluence of screens and viewing possibilities."

Dipping the City Different’s Toes into Currents New Media
“Currents is just fantastic. The concept, the execution, the manpower—everything was amazing. And the works themselves, there was a really a nice variety. They were aesthetically and technologically different.”

Currents: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival opens tonight
" Currents staff are installation professionals, and the festival is the most far-reaching, dynamic, and visually inventive art exposition in town. It is also the most inclusive event of its size and kind in Santa Fe. "

New Media Festival kicks off this weekend and runs through June 26
"The possibilities can be overwhelming, but that just gives you an excuse to keep coming back to see what you missed the other times you visited."

Leave Your Heart at Currents – Radio Interview

8 Reasons to come to Santa Fe in the summer


“Body + Technology + Landscape” in Flame Schon’s INterzone
In-line with psychedelic methods and their place in contemporary art history, Schon surpasses this concept of unifying the organic and digital on a materialistic level, allowing her to exhibit ineffable states of existence through the medium.

Time brings rewards at Currents in the Railyard
One of the key things to keep in mind about the Currents new media exhibition at El Museo Cultural in Santa Fe’s Railyard is that it takes more than one visit.

The mesmerizing “Noisefold” by David Stout and Cory Metcalf, for instance, takes many minutes of watching the intricate patterns morph to the solemn sounds that occasionally almost gong forth. Even after you think you’ve seen it all, minutes or days later you can walk back into the room devoted to the two-wall projection and see a pattern or colors that you hadn’t viewed before.

Co-organizer Mariannah Amster confided that one family was trying to leave the room, but the little girl protested, “I can’t go. I’m watching a movie.” It takes a child to see the storyline in abstraction.

Art in Review: Currents International New Media Festival
Munich-based artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski’s Simulacra, a cube composed of four seemingly blank video screens that emit a white light, is an interactive installation. Hand-held magnifying lenses allow visitors to see the imagery on the screens. A tangle of the necessary wires for providing power hangs above and beneath the monitors, carefully arranged into sculptural form.

Summer In Santa Fe
Santa Fe’s arts scene might be best known for its prodigious southwestern aesthetics (fans of Spanish, Indian, Hispanic, and folk arts and crafts have a slew of dedicated festivals to choose from this summer), but there’s more to explore in this small, global, city. Get a dose of the future from June 12–28, when interactive and fine art video installations, multimedia performances, and web based art forms created by nearly 500 artists from around the world hit venues throughout town.

Anne Farrell at Currents 2015: The Anti-Gravity of The Island of Pal
Discovering the depth of the realms being sounded and charted by Anne Farrell, or at least trying to, is but part of the joy of engaging with The Island of Pal.

Currents takes viewers on a Journey to different locations
Some art shows give you pretty or interesting things to look at. Others let you play with the art, making it morph and respond to your motions, voice, temperature or nerve impulses. And some can make you a star. Currents offers all three.

Plug-ins required: Currents International New Media Festival
Subway Stories, an installation at this year’s Currents International New Media Festival, allows visitors to tap into the interior states of the train passengers and hear their innermost thoughts. “I saw the sketches and thought it would be an interesting scenario to hear what these people are thinking,” Ong told Pasatiempo. “It’s a common thing we do in public places; we’ll project our own thoughts onto other people, imagining what they’re thinking.”

Music for chameleons: Myriam Bleau at the Currents festival
“One thing that is very important to me is to be at risk in some way when I perform, so I always add new elements so I’m not completely sure what’s going to happen. I want to keep myself on the edge, and I want the performance to be as visceral as possible. Also, in the performance, I truly have to run around and make sure the tops don’t fall off, and it can be quite stressful, so that also keeps me on the edge.”

Installing at Currents (Video)
The New Mexican spotlights Karina Smigla-Bobinski and Harvey Moon installing their works at Currents.

The Buzz: Currents

Frank & Mariannah on Santa Fe Radio Cafe

Electric City
"We've never been afraid of beauty. Our main focus is the art - technology in service of the art."

New and Dirty, Just Like the Land of Enchantment
“One of the cool things about this festival is it started out as a collective and a community thing, and the impact is global,” says University of North Texas professor and research artist David Stout

21 Best Things to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico
"...an annual media festival that takes place in Santa Fe that unites and celebrates both established and emerging artists from all over the world."


Hyperallergic Online Magazine
In what is essentially a hybrid nuit blanche meets exhibition, Currents presents the work of local artists as well as nationally and internationally exhibited artists in a slick and cohesive manner.

Albuquerque Journal North

Santa Fe New Mexican/Pasatiempo

Adobe Airstream
What in new media art today marks an equivalent to the question that was asked about Dan Flavin sculpture: is it still art when the light switch is turned off?

Adobe Airstream
Visiting Currents New Media Festival in the past has purveyed the reliable sense of new media work wanting to tease apart essence from effects and substance from appurtenance.

Arts+Culture Magazine
...in large part, artists’ engagement with recent hardware and software developments, as well as pressing issues and conversations around new media arts, determine the festival’s direction.

Art Ltd. Magazine
A joint project to explore and advance new media art begins this summer in Northern New Mexico. Uniting the efforts of Albuquerque’s 516 ARTS and Santa Fe’s Parallel Studios, the aptly named “New Media New Mexico” launches with 516’s exhibition-centered “Digital Latin America” and Parallel’s annual festival of new media, “Currents 2014.”


The Future is Here, That Much is Clear
"This annual festival, truly a community effort, unfolds in partnership with numerous local galleries and organizations. Next June plan to dedicate some time to Currents."

Art ltd. New Mexico Supplement
"If digital is your thing, Currents—Santa Fe’s yearly homegrown and international new media arts festival—is a must-have experience. Way beyond your weird uncle’s kinda cool digital prints, (pic-
ture even weirder aunts and uncles) this awesome show makes Santa Fe a genuine cutting edge for new media/video work at this point."

Electrons on parade: The new-media carnvival of Currents 2013
"Between gallery exhibitions, performances, and the new-media exposition at El Museo, Currents offers a lot to take in and is, without question, among Santa Fe’s largest annual community art happenings. It’s local, it’s international, it’s fun, it’s free, and it’s huge."

New media festival kicks off
“We create kind of a wonderland, so people aren’t intimidated. People get it right away.”

SFR Picks/New Media Fest KIcks Off
“New-media art brings traditional fine arts together with science and technology, transmuting them into something entirely different,” she says. “New Mexico has a history of being a home to both disciplines, and Santa Fe has a reputation of being the City Different, so it’s a natural fit.”

Suspended Animation
“Our emphasis is more on the artistic side of New Media Arts rather than the purely technological, says Ragano. “The artistic merit must be equally as strong as the gadgets, hardware, and programming employed, which is especially a concern with interactive media.”


Currents 2012
"Santa Fe’s contemporary art at its best. The
festival is home-grown and international."

Santa Fe Grows Its New Media Festival
"This year’s edition of Current represents exciting new growth for the festival, as it has expanded its installation and programming and recruited a fresh slew of international artists."

Scientific Animation Shortfest: Weighing Bigness and Smallness
"Art plus science allows highly specialized fields to become accessible to the average person, opening up new avenues for education and appreciation of biology and nature’s doings. Perhaps the message is that in seeing through technology what we otherwise cannot possibly see, we somehow are able to perceive a thing, or a reality, as it really is."

Santa Fe: New Partners and New Media
"Among the most significant landscapes in which new media plays a key role, two are central to the state's identity: that of art and that of science. New Mexico has a history of art and science. Currents represents their coming together. Many of the video artists have backgrounds as scientists or as programmers."

Santa Fe Takes on International New Media Festival
"Before sunset all the action was inside El Museo Cultural, which offered more artworks than can be seen in a single night. Over ninety international artists had space to display the best from their digital portfolio."

It’s A Jungle
"The digital age has ushered in a new era of experimentation, and the best pieces here take the medium for a spin in the spirit of Steina and Woody Vasulka or Peter Campus."

Preview: Currents International New Media Festival Opens Tonight
"Today, Currents—the international new media festival—hosts 90 artists including 26 international participants, also 11 venue partners this year, which will feature off-site events in tandem with the festival."

Currents events: New Media Festival
"We're not interested in serving only the art elite. We want to serve everyone and, in doing so, to enrich Santa Fe's reputation as a hub of contemporary art."

Worth the Trip
“The goal is to create an immersive environment, a space where attendees can wander in a unique atmosphere of light, sound and image."


"Blazing an innovative trail even by the most cutting-edge contemporary art standards,
this broad medium makes use of a variety of technological, experimental elements with many unique qualities and one consistent theme—that of being informed by technology."

New Mexico Contemporary Art
"this year's "Currents" had its own sense of "gestalt." "The place was full of people... I heard a few languages; there was an urban energy. I felt as if I could have been in any American city, but for the fact that I kept bumping into people I knew. It was Santa Fe at its best, at once intimate and sophisticated.""

Currents 2011: New Video Reviewed
Currents 2011—truly a mixed bag, included explosive, disco-poppy pieces to atmospheric, contemplative works; playful to socio-political; as well as flat-out formally beautiful—had everything from low-tech to high-tech with a particular focus on interactivity.

Tools Meet Imagination
"In today’s art world, this gathering of work feels like the proverbial breath of fresh air running in a parallel stream alongside narrow insider playing fields where one-liners and pointless extravagance are passed off as art."

The There Is Here: Currents 2011 (at Digital Dome)
"Proof perhaps that all we really need to do is recognize this intriguing and edgy new international video event as grounds to interrogate a medium changing as fast as the meaning of “applications.”"

High Tide
" Our Philosophy is that anybody off the street could come into an exhibition like this and experience something they have never experienced before and be open to it."


Currents 2010
"Currents 2010 didn't make it onto the Santa Fe map in the most recent issue of Art in America, though it was hands down the best show in Santa Fe this summer..."


Voice, projections and computers make music at Currents in Santa Fe
"Yes, it was unusual and more than a little strange, albeit strangely fascinating. But that’s what Currents is all about: keeping us on the cutting edge of new media."